So I placed my KP order yesterday for the WOTA…finally got an email this morning at 10 saying they received my order! :happydance: Should get it in a few days!

Well, one can hope you get it in a few days. They aren’t known for speediness. :wink:

The other 2 orders I placed with them didn’t really take that long…unless the Options issue is slowing them down on all orders now :shock:

I had one order come quickly, but the others took longer. I’m sure it will be fine! :thumbsup:

When I ordered my options needles (just a few of them) I was expecting it to take a while do to the delay/back order. But I got them later that week! I was so surprised and happy. :slight_smile:

Both of my shipments from KP went nice and smooth. :thumbsup:

That’s awesome! I love Knitpicks, great yarn, good prices and the shipping doesnt take too long :smiley:

I thought they were rather quick when I ordered from them…maybe it just depends on where you live…I don’t know where they are located…maybe they are just close to me.

I have a couple of things I want from KP right now too but the budget won’t allow…:frowning:

[color=indigo]I have almost always had the damndest time getting my Knit Picks order swiftly. The first time I ordered from them it took nearly 4 weeks for me to get the order. It made me very sad. The second order wasn’t quite so long, but it was over two weeks from the time they ‘received my order’ until it got to my home. It’s strange that it would take sooo long for them to get the order in my door… I wish the warehouse were closer to my home… their main offices are only a couple hours away… but of course they wouldn’t be able to put the warehouse here! grrrr!
I will say that Knit Picks is great about fixing mistakes in your order… and then they get it out to you very quickly. When I only received 1 ball of sock yarn instead of 2 i sent them a quick email and they got on it right away… send me 2 new balls of yarn since they couldn’t promise they’d be able to send me one ball of the same lot as the one I had at home. Very nice!
There I go again… blabbering… I should really wake up before I type my little heart out!


My order shipped today! :happydance: