ok, so i don’t know if this belongs here or not, but I was wondering how old you are. Not because I am creepy, just curious. Personally, I’m going to be 16 in 13 days. w00t! so, yeah…

I’m 39. I’ll hit the big 40 in August.

I’ll be 38 come May. And am turning into a [U]calico[/U] kitty–mostly dark blond, with a couple of nicely red patches at my temples…plus some gray threading (can I get away with calling it ‘silver accents’?)

Wow, I’m surprised at the results! I just turned 22 in December.

It was so nice to still be lumped in the category “21-30”:muah: . I turn 30 in May.

I’m with msoebel nice to be in 21-30 category. I’ll be 30 in April

I’ll be 26 in exactly 1 month.

Ill be 30 in Sept and am not sure how I feel about that, LOL

I’ll be 47 in a very few days…oh well, I guess aging beats the alternative!

I’ll be 41 on 2.10…

I’m 31… so I got bumped up! :oo:

But I don’t feel that old!

I just turned 75. I have silver whte hair. I can’t even remember when I was 16. Sure didn’t do any knitting then.

I’ll be 30 in October, but I’m 22 in my head. I never remember what age I am when people ask and have to work it out… in denial…

I’m 23 but I feel older :eyes:

I’m turning 27 on May…

I turned 24 two weeks ago :slight_smile:

I guess I am second oldest because I am 52. But age is just a number. I’m not your average Gramma that sits around knitting and baking cookies (although I do bake cookies, and I definitely DO knit).

Just turned 33 in October…

I’m 24 but like DQ, feel older.

The.Knitter, you just got bumped down to 3rd oldest. I am almost 66. Thats 50 years older that 16!!!:roflhard: