Age Restriction----Question for Amy

Amy —

Would there be a problem if I registered my 10 year old daughter. She wants to participate in the Hogwarts Scarf KAL. I seen the disclaimer and agree to it, but noticed the 13 year old line.


The Mod Squad, and really our membership in general, tries to maintain a “PG-13” rating here on Amy’s behalf and request…I know that the subject matter on the boards sometimes gets “spicy”, but its usually all in fun. The Hogwarts scarf KAL thread is one that stays “cleaner” than others…

How do YOU feel about her reading some of the things that have be posted on the board? I think that should be your gauge… Maybe you can be WITH her while she surfs KH?

Under 13 required parental permission to join most forums. I believe this is law on US forums, which is why I implement it here. Of course you can have your 10 year old join; just fax me the permission slip that’s emailed when she signs up.

Darn! Guess I’m not one of the youngest anymore. :wink: :smiley: Welcome to your daughter!

How old are ya Adain? I’m 18 :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m 18, too. But only for another week. :stuck_out_tongue:

OMGoodness HS & CK, you were born the year I graduated Highschool…sigh,
I still feel like I haven’t become a real grownup yet… Prolly cuz I don’t have kids yet…

That can’t be it bink. I have 5 kids and I still feel like a kid. :roflhard:

I’ve heard that too… I love to play still and love the fact that with two new baby nephews, I don’t have to explain why I love to buy crayons!

Oh Iam totally okay with the postings.
Most of it she wouldn’t get anyhow. Mostly she watches the video and I was going to let her participate in the Scarf KAL.
She is a little bit different then most kids. She tests at about 22years old.
She was top 3 % in the Ontario / Canada schools aptitude testing.
She read at 2.5 yrs and does algebra for fun.
So her being on the site isn’t really an issue for me.
For right now I’ll post her stuff for her, and after a bit I’ll see if she wants her own ID.
I’ll send that information to you Amy as soon as we decide.

BTW thanks for a great site. we are really enjoying it.

I’m seventeen, muha!

Wow Iam glad to see how many young knitters we have.
It’s great, just reminds me how old I am getting…lol…
but age is only a number, I still think Iam 21. Just a little more wiser (or I would like to think so…lol

Mmm, algebra! I was a math major my first year of college, before I decided it was more fun when I didn’t HAVE to do it. :rollseyes:
Liking algebra isn’t that weird, is it? Please, tell me it isn’t!

GIrls liking math is great :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I really believe this cheesey billboard I once saw that said, “Math is Power.” It is!

I took Calculus and Calc II for fun in college. :blush: I’m a math geek too. At least I used to be, can’t say I really am any more.

Emeraldcutie, your daughter sounds incredible! Tell her we’d love :heart: to have her on the forum! :happydance:

One of my fave teachers in jr. high - who was my math, science, and homeroom teacher - always told the girls “Never stop taking math, and don’t marry a schmuck.” He will always be the one teacher I remember all my life. His wife was a lawyer and she was very involved in a program called “Expanding Your Horizons” that was a special two day retreat for jr. high girls to try out jobs not tranditionally populated by women. :thumbsup:

I wonder if there is a higher percentage of mathophiles among knitters than the general population? All that counting and pattern awareness, and such. :slight_smile: I have a B.S. degree in Mathematics.


[color=red][size=6]Kelly definitely falls into that category! Just ask her! She’ll spend all day tellin’ ya how much she loves math![/size][/color]


heh [/size] :rofling:

Oh boy… not me unfortunately. :oops: :??