After you're finished knitting...?

hello everyoe! i’m new to knitting and have just finished my first scarf!!! :woohoo:

somene told me once you’re finished you need to soak the scarf for 10 mins and then shape it??? what exactly do i need to do and what do they mean by “shape it”?

That means blocking which is what it usually is called. It depends on the yarn though. If it’s a machine washable yarn like acrylic you don’t really have to do that. I just toss them in the washer and dryer.

The shaping part is that you have to lay it flat to dry so that it retains the shape that you put it in. You can do this tons of different ways. It can be as simple as laying it on a towel on the floor and pinning the sides down. You can buy elaborate frames that you tie the work to. You can buy blocking boards and pin it down. Some people soak their work, some people, spritz it with a spray bottle, some people use a steamer. There are probably as many blocking methods as there are knitters. Everyone does it their own way.

I use an ironing board, pins, and a spray bottle.

You got some good information in these two posts.

It can be as simple as laying it on a towel on the floor and pinning the sides down

It can be even simpler. :lol: I usually don’t pin anything down, I often just lay the item out (when damp, or spray it) and smooth it and shape it with my hands. Sometimes I lay something across a stubborn section, (usually a table knife) for instance, to keep an edge from curling.

Lots of ways. And you may not need to do it at all for some things. If it looks good to you it is not a law that you have to block at all.

You may not have to do anything to it except wash and lay flat to dry. If you want to stretch it longer or wider and it’s anything except acrylic, then you can ‘shape’ it by pinning the item longer or wider. But you can probably just get by with wash and dry.