After you "wind" your yarn into balls

how do you keep track of what you have–do you somehow attach the labels to the balls or do you just know?? I am eagerly awaiting the UPS man…I have no idea when my new ball winder will come but I’m already thinking ahead to how to organize my yarn once it gets here and all of my yarn is transformed into perfect little center pull balls… :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove:

I wrap the lable back around the ball and affix it with tape… just don’t cover up the part where your yarn comes out the top. :happydance:

I usually put my yarn in a ziplock baggie, cut off one corner and put the yarn through there. That way, I can just stick the yarn label in the bag with the yarn and I don’t have to worry about losing it. Also, it keeps the yarn clean!

the LYS taught me to shove the label into the center of the ball with my thumbs when pulling it off of the winder.
the action tho, is more like pulling the ball onto the label.

  1. wind the ball
  2. fold the label up and put it on top of the cylinder part of the winder
  3. pull the ball off the winder gently, encasing the label in the middle

hth :slight_smile:

One of the gals at my LYS folds the label up and holds it agains the center post of the ball winder and after a few cranks, the yarn holds the label down. then when the ball is done, the label is tucked in the middle…there it stays until i use the ball…

Thanks guys–that does give me some ideas–Margie I really like you’re method–especially since I have yarn that will inevitably collect dust (b/c I’m slow and b/c my stash is growing MUCH faster than my FO log…LOL)

don’t mean to rain on anyone’s winding parade, BUT I heard somewhere that you shouldn’t wind your yarn until you’re ready to use it…because it stretches the yarn out.

is that true?


hehe…more for your money!!! (jk)

I actually did read something about this, but it involved hand winding. Hand winding is usually tighter and will stretch the yarn. The ball winders are generally loose enough that I don’t see this as being an issue.

Yay! I can wind my heart away… :cheering:

Here is my thought on the ball winder. The yarn is wound somewhat tight, but when you take it of the cone from the winder, the yarn relaxes. Make sense?

I’ve heard of someone using those clever ornament containers (they hold like 2 doz ornaments, they are plastic and have squares for the ornaments) to hold the yarn in. Then you could put your yarn in the little slot along with the label next to it or in the center of the ball. Might be worth taking a look at with all of the Christmas storage containers that are out there -

Let us know what you decide and show us pics!

knit wit–are you the Jen. King who just joined my southside SnB? Did you know my blog is titled Knitwit? What weird connections we have…

Hmm… I ball mine up by hand, but I don’t think I’m doing it that tightly. :thinking: Could this be a problem when I go to use the yarn I’ve balled? :shock:

I certainly wouldn’t panic about it! People have been winding their yarn by hand for generations. I think it was aimed at not winding it tightly. Maybe it was a ‘plant’ from the Royal company. :thinking: