After long tail casting on, what do I do?

I have a row of cast-on stitches. But I don’t know what to do with the tail. When I try and do my 2nd row of stitches, the yarn starts to pull out where my 2nd needle is inserted. It becomes really loose. I end up pulling out my right hand needle and unraveling that stitch along with the cast-on stitch.

I’m tempted to tie a knot even.

I can’t tell from the videos how exactly to do the 2nd row. The video shows how to do knit and purl stitches when you already have some knitting done. But since I’m only doing my 2nd row, there is no swatch.

I’ve tried starting and seeing what happens, but as I stated earlier, everything starts to loosen and unravel because of the loose tail.

There’s a video called Demo of a Small Project on the Tips page that shows the CO, knitting a few rows then binding off that may help you.

How long a tail do you have? It should be at least a couple inches long, 3 or 4" is better. That way it won’t pull out when you knit into the first stitch. And you should be knitting [I]into[/I] the first stitch, not between stitches, or there won’t be anything for the yarn to hang on to.

You can cut the tail if it’s too long…I prefer them longer than Sue…I like them to be about 6 inches. At the end of your project you can weave it in so you just let it hang.