After Knitting

I just finished knitting a baby blanket for my cousin. Do I have to wash the blanket before giving it to my cousin?

How do I take care of a freshly knitted blanket?

I don’t think I’ve ever washed a baby blanket I was giving away. I use machine washable yarn, and beyond that I figure the new mom has a detergent she would prefer to use. This is unless the freshly knitted blanket is (1) going to a home where someone is allergic to my animals, or (2) somehow got really dirty or had something spill on it in the knitting process.

I always wash before giving it away. Not only does it clean the project, but it lets you see how it’s going to wash. I’d hate to give something away an then find out and end came loose in the wash or it curls something fierce after washing, etc.

I would wash it, too, for the reasons Jan listed. Also, I picked up the habit from my mom. She also washes everything we receive before it gets used. If the new mom is concerned by what detergent the baby is exposed too, she will re-wash the item anyway.
You might wash with low levels of detergent, as the amount recommended on the jug is usually exorbitantly high anyways… and if you use less, you’ll leave less residue in the item.

It’s a good idea to wash it, it will even out the stitches as well as clean it. Just use a very small amount of detergent, probably a nonscented would be good.

Hello, I, too, have recently finished a baby blanket, it was made long enough to cover a single size bed. It took nearly two years to knit and I lost contact with the person who originally asked for it and so I had to wash it before giving it to my daughter-in-law for my soon to be born grandson. Laundering instructions on the yarn label simply said machine wash. It looks beautiful!

Hi, Kay:waving:

I just finished two baby projects - a hooded baby wrap and a larger blanket. I’ve done lots of these over the years and I always wash them before giving them as gifts. After all, a new mom might be pre-occupied enough with other things and skip washing your gift before using it.

I machine wash the acrylics with a half measure (or less) of liquid Ivory Snow in warm water in the machine. If I put it in the dryer I use a delicate setting (heat tends to take the elasticity out of acrylic) but mostly I take the item and stretch it on my blocking table. It’s amazing how beautiful the finished project is once washed and blocked.

But at the very least, I’d definitely give the blanket a wash.

Happy Knitting,

Ruthie :hug:

I washed my last baby blanket project. I would always wash but make sure you use the yarn instructions and tell the mom how to wash it, too.