After casting on :)

Hiya so I know understand how to do the casting on and now I want to go on to knitting… BUT I am having a problem with the extra piece of string… how do I tie it off or where does it go…cause when I start to do the knitting it comes undone and I am getting so frustrated… the videos here are wonderful but they are already way started and I dont see what to do… and the book I have says nothing about it… so someone please where do I put it… hehe Thanks a million in advance… WAVES

What kind of cast-on did you use?

Normally you would just leave it hanging and weave it in at the end (or at least later in your knitting). I don’t see why/how it could come undone, or affect your knitting. If it’s really a problem, use your tail AND your working yarn to knit the first 3-4 stitches. It will make double sts, and you’ll have to be careful to knit them together when you come back.

Maybe someone else will have a better suggestion. To see a video of a small project, from cast-on to bind-off, go to view videos at the top of the page. Under “Tips”, there’s a video called “Demo of a small project”. That could maybe help you as well.

Are you using a knit cast on and the slip knot is coming undone? If so don’t worry about it, the slip knot isn’t actually one of your stitches anyway, it’s just there to get your cast on started.

If you’re doing a long tail cast on (my preferred method) the tail shouldn’t come undone at all.

Check to see when you make the first stitch that you insert the needle [B]into[/B] the stitch and not between 2 sts. The tail can be cut off (leave a couple inches, don’t cut right at the knitting) or tied up. The other thing is check to make sure you’re knitting the first stitch with the yarn attached to the ball, not the tail yarn; if you use the tail, that might make it come undone.

Thank you guys so much for the advice but I believe I am more confused…hehe I am not sure which cast on I am using as this is my first time…but I believe it is the one that goes with the knitting one??? hehe I can do the cast on BUT when I do it and I go into the knitting part… when I take the yarn off the top then the yarn on my first cast on comes undone… so I must be doing the wrong thing for the first cast on??? I think this is going to take me awhile to get down… but I find these things alot of fun… as I started with crochet first… that is no longer a challenge so onto this… I could use alot of help if anyone has some advice… :slight_smile:

Thanks a million in advance… WAVES

Are you using the KH videos? They will take you step by step through the cast on and your first knitting stitches…

If those are the videos that are on this site? I have watched the cast on one and then the knitting one but when she does the cast on she takes it to the end but then the knitting one she is already got some of it done… heh If not which video is it??? and Thanks a million for you help… WAVES

Put the needle with the cast on stitches in your left hand. The loops on the needle are the same as the loops on the needle with more than just the cast on edge. Now, watch the video and put the right needle from front to back into the first loop … in through the front door, take your working yarn around the back… dip your needle through the loop (window) and off the left hand needle … you now have 1 stitch on your right needle.
Again, the loops on your left needle from the cast on are the same (look the same) as loops on your right needle after you have completed a row after you have been knitting for several inches.

Have you ever done the afgan stitch in crochet? You know how the sts (loops) stay on the needle all the way across? Well knitting is something like that but instead of working the sts off a chain, you work off one needle(from the left side) and pick up with a right side needle. Hope this helps.

Make sure when you put the needle in the first stitch, it goes [B]into[/B] the needle and not between 2 sts. And whether you’re starting from the caston, or already have some rows done as in the video, you still knit the first stitch of the row the same way.

Here is more help for casting on to make sure you’re doing it correctly. Sometimes a different point of view or wording can make all the difference.

the tail end is knitted into the cast on when using long tail cast on, it also creates your first knitted row. It is very easy to learn and has become my favorite method. I do knit with both the tail end and working yarn for the first three or four stitches and then again when I come back around to those stitches. So I knit with both on the first round/row then I knit with both on the second round/row. The stitches here will be a little thicker, but I don’t find that it is a problem. this helps secure your tail end and you can just snip it off leaving a small bit so it does not get pulled through the stitches and poke out the right side of your work. Also remember that those first three or four stitches have two loops so knit them as one, otherwise you end up with extra stitches. The video for long tail cast on is on this site. Good luck and I hope this helps:knitting:

the tail end is knitted into the cast on when using long tail cast on, it also creates your first knitted row.

The tail doesn’t have to be knitted in, but some people do. Also, many knitters who use the longtail cast on don’t count it as a row, but just the cast on, and the first row is actually the first row. Whether a knitter does or doesn’t on either of these, it’s a personal preference.