Afghan, which is the right size?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering which is considered the “perfect” size for an afghan, not for a baby but for an adult…

Any suggestions about yarn? I want to make a cozy afghan for my MIL to give on Mother’s day. :thinking:

:shock: You’re going to knit an entire afghan by Mother’s Day? :shock:

I don’t know the average size. Have you checked online patterns to see what they usually are?

I am planning on knitting everynight at least 3 hours… and if I have to I wont sleep till I have wraped it… hehehe.

I was at Joanns today and saw some patterns which said 47"x61", which got me a lil confused(I am used to cm’s)… I was also thinking about used Simply Soft Caron… but cant decide… I want it to be special… :frowning: