Afghan pattern with boucle yarn?

hi everyone, i just bought 2 skeins of joann senstations boucle yarn- the rainbow red color and i want to make an afghan for my mom for the holidays and i really want it to be extra special. do you guys know any good pattern for this type of yarn???

Maybe something with a mitered square effect?

Sort of like

this effect, except made afghan-shaped, not poncho-shaped.

Or this

There is also one here, but it’s in a booklet you’d have to buy, but you get an idea of what it looks like, and it is made with a boucle, scroll down to the mitered squares blanket

thanks for those ideas, but they aren’t exactly what i’m lookin for.

I bought the blue version, and I just found a basic ripple pattern, which compliments the yarn very nicely. You just may want to put stitch markers in between repeats to keep yourself sane :slight_smile: I kept loosing track of where I was. The pattern is on my website at and the only thing I left out is that I’m using size 10 needles. I think you could go down a size if you wanted, but I like the look on 10’s.

I just really like how the ripples work with the color changes in the yarn, and it’s a really easy pattern as long as you don’t lose track of which K6 you’re on!

hey thanks alot i actually just found a pattern almost the same about an hour ago and thought it would look good with the yarn lol. how much skeins did u get?? i got 2. do you think i might need more? i’d also love to see a pic of what you have so far to see what it will look like

chuckle I just frogged again because the sz 10 1/2 needles were coming out too loose and I decided to try a different pattern. But before I did, it looked gorgeous. At least for the 5" I had done… I’m going down to a sz 9, since even the 10’s came out a little loose for my taste. Unfortunately, I don’t have sz 9 circs… oh darn. I guess I have to go buy an extra set of needles :happydance: I’m debating the ripple pattern or a “dragonskin” pattern from one of my pattern books. Not sure… too many choices!! I’m going to swatch each with the sz 9’s and I’ll take pictures so you can see what it looks like. I’ll probably have swatches by the end of tonight.

I boughts 3 skeins, since it was on clearance for $5. I don’t think I’ll need all three, but hey- price was right… a friend of mine got the green and is using the ripple pattern on a scarf. I’ll see if I can annoy her tomorrow and see how far she has gotten.

– Laura