Afghan pattern and questions?

Hi all,

I found this site back in March and started a blanket pattern that another member mentioned (I’m sorry I can’t remember who). Anyway I started that blanket and I’m still working on it (took some time off because of a car accident I was in and kids and summer), like anything though even though I’m still working on this blanket I HAVE to start another project and now need help. :smiley:

I was walking through walmart a few weeks ago and happen to just “glance” down the yarn isle and out of the corner of my eye I caught a new yarn that came in two colors and on the front it said it stripes itself (like a tiger) when you do a pattern, so I was really into this but didn’t get any or look to close. The more I thought about it though the more I thought the black and white would be great to use to make my wonderful step son an afghan out of. So one day while DH was at walmart I txt’d him and told him to pick me up some. He gets it home and I look at the pattern on the back (it is a scarf and hat) and couldn’t wait to get started but the more I ran this yarn through my fingers the more I thought how am I gonna do this? It’s kind of a bulky yard with not being straight and having those little lumps of color every so often.

The yarn is kind of squigly if that’s a word and has little lumps in it that are suppose to be there. The scarf and hat use a K2,P2 pattern, well I haven’t been able to find anything online that is that simple or use’s one color like this for an afghan. I tried to look at a few but cast on stitches depend on the pattern stitch. So I decided to cast on 150 and do the K2,P2 pattern with that (I was scared it would not stripe right if I didn’t?) so I’m moving along and get to about the 3 or 4 row and it looks likes I’ve slipped stitches, there was gaps and appeared to have extra yarn in them, so I start over and the same thing happened, so I did it again and it happened again. I would say that pattern was just suppose to look that like but my heart said its not and a train could have passed inside my house I was concentrating so hard to not miss a stitch… And the yarn is just bulky enough that I can’t just look at it and tell a knit from a purl since it has alot of black in it…

So I’m not sure what to do now? I’m pretty much a beginner, left hander that has taught myself by reversing right handed styles and patterns and I really want to get started on this. My step son is almost 15 and I know he won’t wear a scarf let alone a hat so I really want to make a blanket. Any suggestions or should I just do this whole thing in a plain knit stitch?? Is 150 a good cast on?

Thank you so much, you all are awesome!!

April <---- who obviously got long winded…sorry… :smiley:

I have a very simple pattern that I like a lot it’s easy to do, and you can always tell where you are, it has to be done over an odd number of stitches:

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: k1, s1 (knitwise) repeat to end

Row 3: Knit

Row 4: s1, k1 repeat to end

This creates a airy kind of pattern, it is simple and when people get it they think it took a lot of work.

It would depend on how bulky the yarn is as to what size needles you want.

Thank you so much! This pattern looks great, but before I start I think I am going to try and post pictures later tonight or tomorrow morning of the yarn, since it’s suppose to self stripe like a tiger I wonder if it will with this pattern? Either way this is SO a keeper!

I was looking around through my yarn last night and pulled out some pink and my youngest daughter just fell in love so I decided until I knew for sure what I’m doing with the other for the afghan I would try a beginning sweater and now I of course have questions about that, so I’m off to post a new thread. :wink:

Thank you again for all your help and such a wonderful pattern, I will see if I can post pictures later to maybe see if you think your pattern would work?

April in SC

You are welcolme. I have a little square I made with this pattern, I will try to remember to take a pic of it and post it. Can’t guarentee it though. I have a memory like a sieve.