Afghan help: working back and forth?

I’m a newbie here and hope you can help me. I’m ready to start my first afghan and the directions call for two different colors of yarn. It reads: “Holding one strand of (each) together throughout, cast on 132 sts. Do not join but work back and forth.”

Do I cast on using both yarns (but creating one stitch)? How do you do that without joining the two strands?

MANY thanks for any light you can shed. (I really want to try to do this!).

Thanks, Lisa

well “typically” when you are working on circular needles it is because you are going to make something round (a hat for example.) in order to do that you would join the first stitch and the last stitch together. in this case you are just going to work across so you don’t need to do that. Just hold the two yarns together like they were one yarn and start knittin’!

good luck!

you can see what i mean about knitting in the round by going to the videos but realize that you will NOT be doing that for your afghan

Of course!!! That makes perfect sense. (No, I guess I wouldn’t join the stitches unless I was going to crawl into it! :wink:

I wasn’t even thinking in terms of the circular needles; thanks so much for the answer!!!