Afghan for Dad

Skeins looked nothing like online pic :?? , but once I made a ball of the horror skein, I believed in the afghan again. I was mortified when I opened the yarn, can you say HIDEOUS?! Once I’d made a ball, it was clear the skeins are a long shot from what it looks knitted up. THANK GOD :notworthy:

Oversized Afghan 55x60 inches before blocking; didn’t measure after steam ironing. Body knit in double-seed stitch, border knit regular seed stitch. The yarn is 13/14 skeins of Aquarella Malabrigo.

I am a beginner knitter and wanted to get experience before digging into a pattern. My first FO was a hideous washcloth only Frankenstein would fancy, then a Debbie Bliss Superchunky Cashmerino scarf, then this! I’m rather pleased :heart: … but the blocking didn’t go so well. For the life of me I couldn’t get the darn thing into a perfect rectangle. Next time, I won’t bother. It looked better pre-blocking :wall: I learned many other dos and don’t with this afghan too… don’t ask!! :roflhard: :wall: :grrr:

Lastly, I was shocked to find that I wasn’t at all intrigued at the FO. To my amazement, the process of thinking up and creating something proved much more satisfying than having it finished… so I’m on to my next quandary of a project— a Colinette shawl :muah:

OMG :thud:

That is absolutely beautiful. I love that colorway. :heart:

You are amazing!

That is A LOT of work and A LOT of Malabrigo!!! :passedout:

Looks great!! I’m sure your dad will love it! :cheering:

Thank you cawthraven and andrea. And yes cawthraven, Dad definitely shelled out for the Malabrigo. Mom picked an equally pricey project in all Colinette Giotto. I think it’s a shawl, but it has long sleeves too… so I don’t know what it is technically. Beautiful yarn though!! I am discovering that I knit tightly bcuz I went from the suggested 11s to 15s to get the gauge right (sigh).

and THANK YOU anyone else who may reply :heart:

Wow, that’s beautiful!

Just gorgeous. He is going to love it. It looks so nice and warm too!

That is beautiful! And big bucks, but I’m sure it’s worth it cuz I was just looking at and feeling up some Aquarella. Very nice work. And don’t worry about the tightness. I understand most new knitters knit tightly. I’ve started loosening up recently and I’m sure you will too.

WOW! That is absolutely stunning. If I were a man, I wish that I were your father on Xmas morning. :oops:

I hope you’re right cuz I would like to be closer to the suggested needle size for patterns!

U guys are all so nice. Thx

That is truly gorgeous!