Afghan/Blanket Questions

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been quite MIA lately. Things in the last months have gotten quite busy for me, and it seems like though I’ve been knitting socks, time just keeps slipping away.

I wanted to start thinking about Christmas, and I am hoping to be able to knit my mother an afghan/blanket for Christmas. And I know that I should probably start now before it’s too late and I’m knitting Christmas Eve.

I’m still somewhat unfamiliar with the different weights of yarn. I know more than a few months ago, but I’ve never made a blanket before, so I thought I’d come check with my fellow KH friends for some advice!

I really don’t want to spend tooooo much money on the yarn (I’d like to keep the yarn under $50 total if that’s at all possible for a blanket). I haven’t picked out a pattern yet, but I’d like something which is elegant, yet simple as well. (Suggestions here are greatly appreciated!)

I’d like the blanket soft, yet warm (mom lives in the Chicago area, so she does get cold). And machine washable if possible too because chances are, the dog will try and snuggle on it!

As for colors, I was thinking deep plum, or evergreens, or chocolate brown. Those are the colors of the couch/room, if I can remember correctly! :teehee:

Thanks so much for all your advice & help! :muah:


Feather and Fan is a simple pattern that is easy to memorize. It makes a very pretty afghan that looks like a lot effort went in to it.
(multiple of 18 sts)
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: *(Knit 2tog) 3 times,(YO, K1) 6 times, (K2tog) 3 times; rep from * to end
Row 4: Knit

Well hi there!! I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to!

Maybe something like Swish Superwash from Knitpicks. I’m not sure you could keep it under $50 with yarn from an LYS or even craft stores. :think: Swish might work though and it’s worsted weight wool. I haven’t used it, but I know lots of people here have.

Well as far as yarn goes you could always use acrylic…it is inexpensive and warm especially if you doublestrand or sirsular knit with it. That might be under 50 dollars…It is also machine washable too just follow the destructions(instructions) on the ball…Hope that helps and let me know what pattern you go with. I myself want to make a blanket.

I found an afghan at the thrift store made of Caron Simply soft, and I love it. I bought for the color and to see about duplicating the stitch it was made in. It’s my favorite snuggly now - so very soft.

There is a new afghan patter in the Lion newsletter I received today. It uses Jiffy yarn, double strands on a size 17 needle and looks beautiful. It should be a relatively inexpensive and quick project. Here’s the link:

[B][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey Melissa Girl…where have you been? LOL! I love that Feather and Fan pattern…I’m making a shawl for my friend for Christmas…a pattern out of Creative Knitting Mag…it’s like the feather and fan…only you purl 2 tog!

Wonder if the Plymouth Encore would work for you…it’s a great value!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Take Care![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

Go with Swish Superwash from KnitPicks, and the afghan feather stitch from this site.

I did this lion pattern recently, but it was for a baby – downsized and used baby boulce yarn. It turned out nice and was quick to knit. I’ve been thinking of making it per direction because it looks so nice and soft and warm!

[/SIZE][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Sumptuous Ripple Afghan[/SIZE][/FONT]

Wow, wow, wow! THANK YOU EVERYONE! :muah: I’ll definitely check these all out tomorrow when I’ve got more time to look around. You guys are the bestest! :grphug:

I’m making an afghan now for Christmas using the Speed Stix and Homespun. I know not a lot of people like Homespun but I’m having no problems with it.

I will say I’m not adding the fringe though as it does tend to fray if it has loose ends. It is turning out very soft and snuggly! I spread it out on myself to knit and it keeps me nice and warm!

For eight balls of Homespun it was 42.00 and some change at Michaels. I’m using the 6 hour throw pattern on the lion website.

I recommend it!

Speaking from some recent experience in this field, I recommend washable yarn. I have now made 2 afghans, one in worsted weight, which hardly ever get used too warm, and now a double knit one, which seems to do the trick.

You do need a bit of time to complete one mind. Good luck!

I’ve been dying to make this afghan from Lion Brand

It uses Wool Ease Thick and Quick. I can attest to the warmness. I made a shawl from it and it is the warmest ever! Have fun!

I liked the one in this thread a lot. Don’t know if the links in it are good or not.

Does anyone have an image of the Feather & Fan pattern? Is it possible to use 2 colors with the pattern? I really like the Swish Superwash…has anyone used the Merlot Heather? I think that may be a color choice, or the Lemon Grass, but I don’t know if that’s too light/yellowish?

I’ve seen them, you’d do a few pattern repeats with one color, then switch.

Hi everyone again! Thank you first off so much for the advice on the afghan. I think I’m going to go with the feather & fan pattern because it’s simple, yet elegant and I think it’ll look nice wherever my mom puts it (formal room, or family room). So thanks on that.

Now with the yarn, I know a lot of you recommended KnitPicks Swish. I did see a color or two which looked nice. Merlot Heather, Lemongrass Heather. Has anyone used these colors before? I’d really love to see pictures if possible. Or even Indigo Heather.

My 2nd question is about Patons Rumor Yarn. Has anyone used that? I touched it a few weeks ago and it felt so soft and warm. Its Content: 84% Acrylic - 15% Alpaca - 1% Polyester . Would that work for an afghan? Or not so much? The colors aren’t really working for what I had in mind, so could anyone recommend something?

Or should I just stick to the Swish Superwash?

Thanks so much guys? OHHHH! How many balls of yarn would the “average” blanket for an adult need? And circ needle length? I’m still lost on all this. :help: