Affordable yarn?

I live in the U.K. and the nearest craft shop is an hour away and mostly carries fun fur. Does anyone know any good internet shops or even shops that have websites that I could order from? Since I only have a paper round that I get £6 a week from I have a pretty limited budget. :pout:

Thanks for any suggestions,


Over at Knitty’s forum, under “Your Favorite LYS”, there is a sticky near the top for “U.K. Online Yarn Sources”. You might try there. There might also be something in this forum under the Knitters Knear You subforum.

Thank you!

Hi Terujoan,

I’m in the UK too - it is a really hard job finding LYS’s here - do you live anywhere near bristol? I believe a new shop has just opened there recently.

I’m about an hour away, so I’m waiting for pay day before I visit!

Nooo, I live between Liverpool and Manchester.
I looked on the internet and there seems to be a couple in Chester so I might nag my parents to drive me there! :teehee:

KnitPicks has great natural yarns at really affordable prices. Check them out!

KnitPicks doesn’t ship internationally. I’m pretty sure does though. They have some great deals on there too.

Yeah I looked at KnitPicks a while ago and they look reallyyyy cheap but yeah, they don’t ship internationally…
Thanks, I’ll check out Elann! :thumbsup:

They have marvelous yarns (especially sock yarns), lots of brand names and good service. I was a really pleased to find her and even with the shipping costs to the US, I think the deals are pretty good.

For some reason, I always think there’s a knitting shop on every corner in the UK. I guess it’s that image of all those sheep over there.

Dumb American!