Affordable Wool Choices Poll

I am curious about this…

There are lots of wools besides thoose. I’ve used Cascade 220 and WOTA for felting, but I would never wear them against my body. Too scratchy.

This is good to know, because I have heard people swearing by Cascase 220, but I am currently making a hooded scarf with it and I am not that fond of it. I have made two scarves with Lambs Pride and loved it, but never used wool of the andes and would love to know what people think of it, or if there are other great wool choices they like more than any of these.

It’s also personal preference. Some people aren’t as sensitive skinned as I am I imagine. One note… WOTA pills like crazy!!

Haven’t used it myself, but Patons classic wool (which is merino) is supposed to be a good basic, affordable yarn.