Advice Please on Purl Soho Drawstring Camisole Pattern

Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum and an adventurous intermediate knitter. I always want to change a pattern to suit my taste or size.

I need some advice on this camisole pattern. If you look at it in Ravelry, it’s beautiful, but absolutely obscene, and all the projects in Ravelry have commented on the sides being too low and having to accommodate that. So… I need to alter the pattern rather than buy a bandeau bra.

I am actually knitting it bottom up and can’t decide if I should just knit enough to cover on the sides and alter the front and back panels (advice on how frequently to decrease), OR knit it as is, and separately knit triangular panels to then attach under the arms, OR knit as is an then knit in the triangular panels in to the shirt (on this one I’m not sure how to attach the sides although I’m sure You Tube will have the answer.)

I’d love to know which you think is the most practical solution for the intermediate knitter. I really appreciate your experience and feedback!!


It’s going to be a bit of trial and error. I’d try decreasing every other row throughout. You might even decrease every row for the first few decreases. .