Advice on starting a knitting group/circle

Hi, all! I recently moved to a new town with my boyfriend and Ive found myself craving a face-to-face knitting group where individuals can share pattern ideas, tips and tricks, and can just be generally creative around each other. Only problem is: I have no idea as to how to go about starting one, and I don’t know anybody who knits or crochets! Have any of you built up a group? If so, what are some tips I could put into play? Thanks so much!

Have you searched Google to see if there is a group in the area already? There are often groups at local coffee places or even casual restaurants.
Sometimes you can put up a notice at the library, local college, church or supermarket recruiting members for a knitting group. Once you have 2-3 people knitting or crocheting in a public place, I find it’s surprising how quickly word gets around. Be prepared for requests to teach new knitters too.
Good luck with your group!

Do you have a yarn store close enough? I knit twice week with friends at our yarn store’s social knitting group. We’ve been knitting together for over 10 yrs now. :slight_smile:

Community centers and churches sometimes have groups as well. I am on a neighborhood app called NextDoor. They have apps for both android and iOS and you can use the computer. Here’s the page with listed states they have neighborhoods.

I’ve also seen posted about Meetup although I haven’t used it. It looks like it would be a good place to check as well as NextDoor.

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I second both those sites–my group uses Meetup but I’ve chatted with several knitters on Nextdoor. You have to have an invite from a neighbor to join Nextdoor and there might not be a neighborhood for you if you live in a small town. But if they do have it, you can reach probably half the people who live in your immediate area!

I’ve found out about crafting groups from library calendars.


I didn’t have an invite on Nextdoor. You can just join.

I would drop by your local yarn stores and see if there are any groups already in your town. If not, you might meet people there who are interested. Or you can check out local groups on Ravelry.