Advice on shrinking a hat

Hello all,
I made my dad a hat for Christmas and followed the pattern faithfully, but the hat is too large. I made the same hat for my brother and of course his fits perfectly. The hat is made out of baby alpaca because it needed to be really soft as he is bald and has really sensitive skin. Does anyone have any ideas for how to make it smaller? I know that I can put it in hot water and it may felt–but will that still be soft? Help–I am really at a loss here. Any advice is really appreciated. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

It will still be soft if you felt it a bit, but you have to be very careful not to let it shrink too much.

As Ingrid said.
I think I’d try “fulling” it (just shrinking it a little bit as opposed to felting, where you totally lose the stitch definition) by hand in a sinkful of hot water with a drop of shampoo. You’ll have more control over the amount of shrinkage than if you just threw the hat into the washer.

(Gotta remember that: men with hair need bigger hats than bald men
:thinking: )

Thank you both so much! I think I will try the “fulling” method that knitasha suggested. This was my first time making any hat, so now I know that it will need to be a little smaller for bald men. Have a great Holiday season!

i made exactly the same hat for 2 people
the first was for a child with a BIG head, it fit perfectly
I made it for a Man with nearly a shaved head
it was HUGE
no idea how that works

and from what I learned Misty does shrink a bit
we shall see