Advice on knit sweater alterations

I wonder if anyone could help me with advice on whether there are any options to alter chunky knit clothing? I’m a beginner knitter and can follow a pattern to knit from scratch but I have no idea about alterations.
I have the jumper pictured in a uk size 16. I’m a small person (size 6-8) so it’s much too big - I wondered if there was a way to doctor it to take it in down the sides and along the arms. It would do brilliantly as a knit dress with the length it currently is (I’m v short!) but there is just too much material to wear it as it is.
Thought I would ask the experts! I don’t see a way to do it, but I don’t have any experience in this area and I would love to hear anyone’s opinion (even if it is to leave it alone and find someone who can enjoy the jumper as it is!)

Thank you for any help you could give! :slight_smile:

cable knit jumper

I’ve heard of people marking a new seam and overlocking (serging) to cut off the excess on a jumper, but I don’t feel confident it would work on a chunky knit.

Also, you don’t have a swatch to test on, which makes alterations risky.

What if you knit yourself a dress inspired by this one, then sell or give away the original? We could help you find a pattern for a honeycomb cable raglan.


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Is this a hand knit sweater or one that was bought from a store? If it has a seam you may be able to undo it, cut the knitting (eek!) and reseam it.
It’s not that different from cutting a steek. Here are 2 different ways.

I have to admit that for myself, I would tend more toward giving the sweater to a friend and knit a new one in the correct size as kushami suggests.


Thank you both! Very much appreciate the advice on how I might go about it (and those tutorials are super helpful to learn the technique for future projects!). At the risk of damaging a lovely jumper beyond repair, I think your suggestion to knit something similar might be the way to go!

If you do have any ideas on where to look for such a honeycomb cable pattern (thanks kushami for getting me started with the search terms, I wouldn’t have known how to describe it!), I’d be grateful again for any help :blush:

This one is similar but I’m not sure the size goes small enough for you (6- 8 UK size or US size? Chest measurement might be easier to check to avoid the size confusion).
You would need to make it longer but I’m sure you could get help here.

There are some on Ravelry:

You might also look for Alice Starmore patterns. My public library has several of her books so it might be a place to investigate.

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There’s a nice free pattern called Honeycomb Aran Dress:

Smallest size is 40” finished chest circumference. But if you feel brave, we can help you calculate a smaller size (it’s not too hard to do on a raglan).

It’s knitted in pieces and seamed. You might prefer to knit in the round.

We will happily cheer you on and help you to swatch if you decide to try to make your own dress :slight_smile:

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Oh wow - so kind of you to take the time to look out for something for me - thank you! This is lovely, definitely feeling excited to get started now!