Advice on how to knit a gear-knob cover!


Believe it or not, a friend of mine would really like a knitted gear-knob cover for his Lotus (a sports car) for his birthday. There is a very famous colour combo for Lotuses of green and yellow (I can’t post images here yet, but if you google ‘green and yellow lotus 7’ you will be able to see what I am talking about) and he would like it to be in these colours, e.g. dark green with a yellow stripe running through it.

The trouble is, I can only knit one-coloured bookmarks/scarfs - basically anything that is long and flat, requires one stitch, no integration of new colours, and has no non-straight edges! I can cast on and cast off. Is anyone here able to talk me through how to do this? I know it’s a big ask, but I’d really appreciate it!

Many thanks,


It’s basically a ball shape. You can knit it on double points or circulars using the magic loop method. You would only knit this part way, try it on the gear shifter for fit. You’ll bind off. Thread a yarn needle and use a running stitch around the bottom. You can also just run the yarn through all the loops and pull tight if you want. Put it on the shifter, pull tight, and fasten off.