Advice on decreasing/increasing

Just a quick question…
In general, do you find it easier to decrease or increase stitches. I am not sure which would be easier for me and if you have any advice, I would appriciate it.

It really doesn’t matter!

I’ve made a decrease sampler, It looks like a christmas tree) --here (on KH) there is a wonderful sampler of diamonds–that shows different increases and decreases…

If you are still learning, making a sampler of increase or decreases is a good way to learn different techniques.

you don’t need a pattern just cast on 5, K2, (increase) k1, (Increase) K2

Purl every other row…
(and keep the increases (or decreases just after the K2, and just before (the K1 becomes k3, k5, knth…)

after a while practice decreases (k1, (decrease) K(how ever many) decrease, K1…

when you get to 5 stitches, start increasing again, trying a different style.

eventually you’ll learn all the different styles, and what you like best!

There are so many different ways to do both increases and decreases, and some I find to be easier than others for both. Is there a particular type of increase or decrease you were thinking about?

Generally, I find most increases easier, but that’s mostly because if I’m knitting too tightly knitting two together is a challenge.

I have to agree with Marria, some are easier than others (p3tog [shutter]). However, I think it is a combination of factors (ie. personal preference, weight of yarn, fuzzy or smooth, how tight or loose the person knits, and color) that play into what is more comfortable to execute. Neither increasing or decreasing alter my choice on wether to do a project or not, but like of troy said practice is key to comfort level. Okay, that’s my 2 cents for what it is worth.

[COLOR=“Blue”](p3tog [shutter]). [/COLOR]

Ha! i designed a stitch pattern… some asked me how i could be sure its a new pattern…

my reply: it was easy to research, it has a K4tog–and which point–they all shudder too…

but there are lace patterns that have K7 tog (nupps!)

Sharp points on the needles help, too, for decreases… (and good knitting habits, too are a must!)

I never use the tip of index finger to Push the tip of the needle (to get the old stitch to drop off)

with styletto tips… you can’t
(or you can, but you risk puncturing your finger tip Ouch!)