Advice needed re slip stitch

hi, can anyone help me understand what to do with this pattern please, it says slip 1, p6
i understand that a slip stitch is a decrease, but i have only come across it on a knit row before, as in slip 1, knit 1. so would i slip 1, purl 1 then pass the slip stitch over the purl or would i knit 1 and then purl the rest?

Is this on the edge of the item, or all throught it? If on the edge, sometimes it is just to make a neater edge. If in the middleof a pattern, am not sure what it means. but if it is to be a decrease, it should say sl 1 pl psso. Hope you get the answers you need.linknit41

the pattern reads
row 18: with right side facing, k7 and turn leaving remaining stitches on needle
row 19: slip 1, p6
repeat these 2 rows 3 more times until 8 rows of heel have been worked

i am knitting a small christmas stocking ornament, and am onto the heel shaping, i am stuck on row 19

When you don’t pass over the slip st, it’s not a decrease. So just move the first st to the right needle and purl the 6 sts. It’s slipped to ‘fill in the gap’ that happens when you work short rows where you don’t knit all the sts on a needle.