Advice modifying afghan pattern - **NEW QUESTION ADDED

I have found this afghan pattern which I really like, but I want to do it in one solid color. The pattern asks for 4 of one panel, and 3 of the other panel which are then seamed together at the end. If I’m doing all one color, I’d like to avoid the seaming part by casting on for all 7 panels and working it as one piece.

Do you think I would need to add any stitches or stitch pattern in between each panel to make a distinction, or would it look normal if I just knit it as it would be, without anything in between? Do you know what I mean…I’m having a hard time expressing myself at this late hour and my wee brain isn’t able to compute at the moment (which is why I’m asking you all, and now hopefully I can sleep instead of mulling this over in my mind)

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It’s pretty and I totally agree that you should do it in one piece. The thought of all that seaming makes me shudder.

It looks like the area between is a garter stitch, so you could either continue straight to the next panel or add a little something. It’s really up to how you want it to look.

Thanks Ingrid.

Another question, for whoever…The afghan, the way I’m modifying it, has a cast on of 202 sts. Obviously I’ll be doing it on a circular needle, but I don’t know how long of a needle I will need. It uses a size 8, and worsted weight yarn with a stitch gauge of 18sts/4". I have a 32" size 8 circular and have cast on that # of stitches just to experiment a bit, and it does fit but seems a tad on the full side. I’m thinking I might be better off with a longer needle…is there some formula to figuring out which size would be best for a particular project??

I don’t know if there is a formula, but I would have guessed that 32 was ok. Most of the knitting I’ve done with lots of stitches has been with thin yarn, so maybe the thickness of your yarn makes that much of a difference.

I’m thinking that since it fits, and now I’ve done about 5 rows and it’s going fine, that the 32" will be enough. Oh how I wish my 32" size 8 was an Addi though… :pray:

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Okay, so I’ve been experimenting with the pattern a little bit ~~ don’t actually have the yarn for the project, just fiddling around with some yarn I have laying around ~~ and I really don’t like the bobble panel. I’m having a super hard time with the K3tog, I’m a bit of a tight knitter to say the least and it is a real struggle to get those 3 to knit together. Soooooo, I’m thinking of modifying the pattern even further by taking out the bobble pattern and inserting something totally different.

Do you think that a lace panel would look decent paired with the cable panel that is already in the pattern??? It would be 4 cable panels, alternated with 3 lace patterns.

Whadda ya think?

I’ve never been crazy about bobbles. I can make them alright, but I’m not crazy about how they look.

Lace would look very nice. It would be a lot of work, too. If you’re looking for other ideas, regular cable could fit in there, or one the cable patterns that looks like a diamond. It would make it very aran-looking.

Thanks Ingrid. I find lace to be less work than cables, believe it or not. We’ll see what I come up with, it will be an original I’m sure! I cannot just knit a pattern as it says to, I always make a few changes! :happydance: