Advice about circular needles

I am knitting dog sweater and I have to knit the collar with size 8 16" circular needles.

I don’t own any circular needles. This is my first project that requires circular needles. I am sure that in future I will need circular needles again, and I am sure that I won’t need the same size or length. My question is, should I buy the size 8 16" circular needles now for this project or should I buy interchangeable needle system and have almost all the sizes and lengths for future projects?

I am looking at Boye NeedleMaster Interchaneable Needle System that has knitting needle sizes from 2 to 15, and cable lengths in different sizes. Can you tell me from your experience what is the best thing to do?

I’ve never used circulars or interchangeables, but I can direct you to this post:
That has a whole bunch of info on interchangeables :slight_smile: I admit, I’d probably be drawn to the convienience of interchangeables…

well i would say go with the interchangeables. it won’t cover ALL your needs but many of them.

however the Boye set doesn’t have a size that will make a 16" circ. You would have to get the Denise set for that.

the denise set doesn’t have as wide a range of sizes but it does have more length possibilities and i think it has way better joins than the Boye set has.

there are pros and cons to both sets but for that specific project the Denise set is the only one that would work.

I didn’t know this was such a popular topic. I am definetly buying interchangeables.

It is true that the Boye set doesn’t have the 16" cable, but you can buy it separatelly. Actually they have 12", 16" & 21" cables that they sell separatelly. Probably I will buy the 12" and the 16" cables. I don’t know why buy the 21" cable, when the set comes with 20" cable.

Does one inch make difference? :rollseyes:

If you use the 12" boye cable, with the needle lengths (4" each) the smallest you can make is 20". Also, the cables are kind of stiff, so yes, if your pattern called for 16"s, that would most likely be a problem.

I was considering Boyes so what I did was buy a set of two needle tips and one cable from Hobby Lobby (they sell them separately, and they were on sale 50% off :smiley: ) so I could try them out. I’m glad I did because I really didn’t care for them due to the stiffness.

If your LYS carries both sets they might let you try them out. :smiley:

yup Julie is right…you can’t just consider the length of the cable itself. that 16" also encompasses the points and the boyes points are 4 inches each.

:happydance: I am done with my dog sweater. I didn’t use circular needles for the turtleneck and for the sleeves after all. Instead I used double pointed needles. It worked grate.