Advice about Addi's

:knitting: Can anyone share their experience with addi turbo needles? I would love to try them but am unsure what size to start of with.

I do not plan on knitting anything larger than a scarf or maybe a baby blanket. But I am planning on baby booties!

Welcome to the forum!! :happydance:

They are really nice to work with…Knit Pickshas the options and I like them almost as much…and they are not as expensive…

I think my first needle size was an 8…and I made a scarf and a few things with them before I bought some other sizes… you may look into the interchangeable sets…Knit picks has 2 different sets… and I really love my option set :happydance: …

size 8 or so…but I"m knitting a hat…just depends on what you tend to use he most.

I have the Options and a bunch of Addis and I prefer the Addis.


I personally love my Addis-I do also have the interchangeable nickle plated Options from Knit Picks, but my favorite is still the Addis. I find the tips on the Options too sharp and pointy, and much prefer the gentler, slightly more rounded shape of the Addis. If money were no object, I’d definitely have all Addis :stuck_out_tongue: The Options are a great value, considering all the combinations possibilities you get though!

If it were me I’d start with a size 6, 24" Addi turbo. But really its hard to say-I knit rather loosely and often have to go down at least 2 sizes to get gauge. So it honestly depends on how you knit and what project you want to start with. For baby booties, gauge will most likely matter, unless they’re for charity. For a scarf of course, it won’t make a difference really in whether it can be worn or not.

If you’re going to be doing a baby blanket (unless you have more patience than me, lol) I’d go with a bigger needle! Maybe an 8-10 or even bigger, on at least a 24" (or 32" would be better for a blanket!) cable. Using your yarn held doubled throughout would also help; that way you would finish more quickly than with a smaller size needle.

I’d just pick whichever size would best suit your first planned project with them, to get a feel for whether you’re going to like them or not. I hope that helps some!

Wow! Perfect. So a size 6 would be good for booties? I am still waiting for my Ravelry invite so the booties are on hold until I can find a pattern between beginner and easy!

The size needle you need depends on the project you’re doing. Some projects are designed for a certain type yarn and a certain size needles. If you go up or down needle size, or use thicker or thinner yarn, your project will turn out differently.

If you want to use a different size needle than your project calls for, you will have to make adjustments to accommodate.

Do you have your yarn for the project picked out? If so, the label should have a chart specifying a recommended needle size. Now you don’t ever want to take their word for it though, that is just a starting point to give you a rough idea of needle size for a certain gauge. It’s difficult to predict exactly which size to get without your yarn and pattern picked out.

I know some yarn shops have been so kind as to let me play with a yarn and their needles to get a feel for what size needle I needed with a particular yarn. I surprised the owner by having to go down two full sizes from the recommended needles to get gauge. It would be great if you could find a LYS that would let you do that. I would try to have a pattern picked out so you’ll know what your gauge should be. There are lots of free patterns available for baby booties on the 'net. Here’s a place you could check:

There’s a few places to look to get some ideas! Have fun! And btw, remember you can use circulars just like straights if you want to do one of the “two needle” patterns.

I totally agree with Jaxhil. I have the KP Options but DEFINITELY prefer the Addis (for the same reason – I don’t like the super-pointy ends on the Options). However, the Options are a great, affordable set to have. The Addis are still my favorite though! :smiley:

As far as what size you should get…it really depends. Maybe a size 6? I have a size 8 that I’ve used for a few different projects and I love it. :smiley:

Good luck! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I have to say - there are NOTHING like Addi’s. They are the best - and I have such a hard time using anything else anymore. Just be warned - they are addicting!!!

I now use almost always Addi’s. Love them as they are so smooth, no yarn gets caught near the join. I use them for back and forth knitting and for knitting in the round. I have most sizes, but I would start with, if you don’t have a pattern, a 6 or 8, 24 ins. long. A hat I’m working on is on a 16 in. long, and I am working in the round. Just knit, knit knit, till it time for decreases.

This is why I said they are a LATE holiday present from DH. I have been wanting them for a while. I just tried them out last week with my knitting group. And albeit I have no pattern or yarn in mind I feel that my stash can stand some adding on to it!