Adult Sweater Patterns with Self Striping Yarn

Hello Again!

I am looking for an adult cardigan sweater pattern using self striping yarn. I have the yarn in mind, just need a pattern.

Also, I have a pattern that uses a worsted weight yarn with a size 7 needle. The yarn I have in mind for the “striped sweater” is sock weight and requires a 1 to 2 needle. Any suggestions? Can I use the 7 or will the yarn be pulled and not follow the self striping pattern? If I use the size 2 needle, it will not make the sweater the size I need correct?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

You would knit socks with a 1 or 2 because they need to be knit very densely to wear better, but for a sweater you can use a larger needle like a 4 or 5, like you would with another fingering weight yarn. There should be a lot of patterns knit with fingering weight yarn. If you join Ravelry there’s hundreds and hundreds of patterns, many of them free and you can search by type of item and yarn weight. also has quite a few cardigans knit in lighter weight yarn.

The self-stripe pattern of sock yarn is designed to work for something the size of a sock. You could do a baby hat or mittens and be sure to get the striped look, but for an adult sweater, I don’t think you’d get much more than a variegated pattern, more random and speckled than striped.