Adult striped hat

First adult hat. Not perfect. Hope others will get better. This is kind of a slouchy. Love the magic loop method. Thanks Evie for the idea to use teal.
Kind of funky.

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That came out beautiful!!

Thx Jan. Can only get better with experience.
I love making hats. Thanks to you it is my newest knitting pleasure!

Welcome to the hat club! :joy: Some people like to keep a pair of socks for quick and small knitting, but since I can’t wear hand knit socks I like to make hats for charity. I’ve also learned a LOT by knitting them since you can design your own, learn new techniques and play with color in small bits. :wink:

That hat is fantastic! The colors are grand and the knitting looks perfect. Well done.

Thanks Mod Squad.
Already found my next 100 patterns I would like to try!:grin:

That’s knitting for you! For every finished project, 100 more to go.

This looks lovely I love the bright clolours - well done!


I love the colors in this. Thank you for sharing this! :slight_smile: