Adult hooded poncho?

This is something I’ve wanted to make for ages but just can’t find a pattern I like. What I’d like is a long poncho (hem coming down to wrist/hand level, at least), with a hood. A lot of otherwise nice patterns I see, have weird necks that I’m not sure how I’d adapt to another style or add a hood to.
How do you go about starting to write a poncho pattern, if all else fails? For yarn, I’m thinking of DK or Aran at heaviest. I’d be using 100% natural fibre or natural blend, something that would be warm with a nice drape (and wouldn’t literally “grow” on me!), so suggestions on that would be welcome!

Like this?
Or not the style you wanted?
I like it.

I like the red riding hood cape too but more of a cape than a true poncho I think

Not sure if I pasted those correctly, hope so, fingers crossed

The first one looks nice, thank you! I’ll take a look at the other one, too. I forgot to mention I do prefer the texture of knitted fabric than crochet, but I could do a swatch and see what I think. It might not be too noticeable worn over a T-shirt. The style is very much what I was after, in any case!

There’s these in knitting

and a slightly different style:

I never realized how many variations there were on poncho!

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It’s pretty amazing, right? I’ll check all of those out, thanks very much!

I tell you what happened. I put knitted in a search so crochet could not have come up, and I didn’t even check, I just assumed it was knit which is silly really, but I liked the shape and pattern and the big hood. I can’t bare a small hood.
Well, hmm… sorry, the texture would not be as soft as snuggly in crotchet I don’t think.

It’s totally fine! I find the same thing when I’m searching, too, so no worries :wink:

I wonder if you like this one, although it is not in the yarn weight you wanted (neither were the others I posted i don’t think), its hard to see exactly how the hood looks but it looks like a biggish hood which would be my preference.

I found it under a search for hoods. There are quite a lot of patterns for hoods, hoods with cowl, hood with scarf, I wonder if you could find one you liked the shape and style of and add it to a basic slit neck poncho?
I like the ponchos which have the points to the front and back but I’m not clever enough to work out how the bind off for the neck would be worked. The style with flat edged front and back would, I imagine, be easier to create a slit neck to add a hood to afterwards.
There are some lovely designs

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I love that one, thank you! 4 ply is fine, too. Takes longer but I prefer the drape of thinner yarns than bulky, it’s just personal preference though. Nothing wrong with chunky things if that’s what one likes!