Adorable Baby Room Find!

DH and I are now officially trying to have kids…we just made the final decision about 2 days ago! :teehee: So of course I’m thrilled!! Of course everything baby now appeals to me - which is definitely a first for me. I’ve already order two Dale of Norway baby pattern books! :cheering:

Anyways, the point of my thread…DH is a white water kayaker, so I drop him off at the put-in and wait a few hours for him at the take-out, prime knitting time for me! But last week I saw a yard sale sign and decided to check it out. The first thing I laid my eyes on was a kid size super wooly sheep rocking chair! $8 price tag…I had to have it!! But I decided to wait until DH got off the river to confer. Well of course he loved it!! I got it for $5 and now I want to design the whole baby’s room around it!!! It is so soft and fuzzy!! I :heart: it!!

Isn’t that cute! Good luck with everything! :happydance:

That’s adorable!!! :heart: :heart: Best of luck ttc. :slight_smile: My dh & I just started trying for #2 this past week.

That’s so cute!!! Good luck on the baby making :wink:

very cute–good luck! :slight_smile: It’s amazing how quickly you decorate with the first one–I swear I had furniture picked out by the time I was pregnant w/ dd but now that I’m half through with number two, I’m realizing that I should probably start thinking about decor and names… :teehee:

Awww that’s great! :slight_smile: … we have four kids…I don’t even own a rocking horse or rocking chair anymore, my poor deprived children! My oldest had two…

That is adorable and so appropriate for a knitter’s baby!!! The baby will be able to count sheep to fall asleep!!! Good plan!!! :muah: samm

OMG - that is so cute!!! :woohoo: I am not a yard sale person but I always hear about and see these great finds that people get at them so it sort of makes me start thinking :?? that maybe I shoudl start checking them out.

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

How cute! I can’t wait to see pictures of the nursery!

that is great! I want an adult sized one!

I know!! Obviously the picture cannot show the softness, but it is so thick and so soft!! The funny thing is, I never go to yard sales! DH’s parents go and have found some good stuff, so one Saturday I headed out on my bike in the neighborhood and got some good finds. And then of course I found this…so I think I’m getting hooked! :happydance:

That is soooo cute! My SIL got a ton of really nice baby stuff at yard sales – I wish I had thought of that with my two!

Hee hee, that’s cute. Before our first child was born, we bought one of those with a tiger figure. We thought DD woud love to sit on it, but later on it became the kitty’s bed. Well, he has many beds. Speaking of possessivity.

that is too cute! what a find… good hunting skills of yours.!!!
Just as aside I don’t know your history but please don’t get TOO psyched up about the baby thing OK? I wish you all the best and much success but my dear friend has been trying for several years and it’s been an emotional experience… no success yet…just leave yourself some wiggle room and try to be patient… it may not happen just when you want it… oK
Good luck!!

Oh that is SOOOO cute!! I just love it! It looks so soft. Is it a kids size chair or an adult one?

Good luck on the baby making!

It’s a kid size chair! Which just makes it so precious! I wish you guys could see it and feel it. I’m a horrible picture taker, I usually leave that to DH.

aineepooh1 - thank you so much for your concern! :hug: I definitely realize it may not come easy. We had a friend who just delivered last week who had to go through IVF a couple of times. We both trust in the Lord, and we know that his timing is the right timing. It’s just amazing to us that we can now finally say “we’re trying”! :teehee: