Adjusting glove pattern for opposite hand

Help! I’m a novice knitter who has stumbled upon a problem in a pattern for fingerless gloves.

I was able to knit the right hand without any problems by just following the instructions, but the only instruction given for the left hand is “Work as for Right Hand, reversing buttonhole and thumb gusset placement.”

Anyone have any ideas on how to do this? My initial thought was to work every row/round backwards, but now I’m not so sure if this is right.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi, I just helped someone with a question just like this only a different fingerless mitt pattern. You could look at that thread for some help. She gives a link to the pattern and you can see how I advised she reverse it. The thread is

Chlorofyll Mittens pattern help

If you could give a link to the pattern I might be able to give more specific help.

Thank you merigold! I’ll follow your advice and try reversing the pattern. Meanwhile,here’s the link to the pattern in case you have any more insight:

Thanks again!