Adjusting a pattern to fit large boobs (48" on a size 16 body)

I found this beautiful shrug pattern on, but the pattern is sized for a medium and I wear a 1X. Well, my boobies wear a 1X; the rest of my body wears a 16. Is there a simply way I can adjust this pattern. The pattern is called Breakfast Coat No. 488.

Alternately does anyone know of a pattern like this already designed to fit huge boobies? The pattern can be longer, but I’d like to keep the flouncy sleeves and cuffs.

P.S. I have knitted baby sweaters top down in one piece, but THIS WILL BE MY FIRST ADULT KNITTED SWEATER, SO KIS PLEASE :slight_smile:

Try the one on the following link, I think it’s a reinterpretation of that sweater and has many sizes:

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