Adjusting a pattern for what I want to do

I have this pattern I got from a book at the library. I want to make it but I don’t want to make it quite the same way as the pattern calls for. I am afraid of making my own changes in case I screw it up :teehee:

Essentially it says to hold 2 strands together while knitting. I want to just do ONE. I am not sure if the blanket will turn out right if I do it this way…

Its a mitered squares blanket (my first attempt at mitered squares :oo: )

I can post the pattern if needed.

I just am mostly wondering if I follow the pattern but only using ONE strand will it mess it up?

It will be smaller following the pattern as written for the two strands, so you’d do more stitches to make it the size in the pattern. You would maybe use a smaller needle too.


Or if you switch up in size with your needles so that you still have the same gauge, you will have the same dimensions of the piece with a single strand of yarn, but the piece will be airier (i.e. appear to have bigger holes in it or look see-through instead of more solid). This will also alter the amount of yarn you may need to knit it. Try a swatch and see if you like it.

Good luck!

I am using the Caron Simply soft and size 8 needles like the wrap suggests… so would it still be airy?

I guess I “could” do the two strands held together. The directions said how many yards of each color to buy and I bought that much. But it was before I seen it was 2 strands htog. :??

If I do the 2 strands how the heck do I go about it? split each skein in half?

you can do one of two things…well…3 I guess (guess I thought of another one)

keep the skeins separate, and pull from the middle and knit with those at the same time (2 skeins different, or same color)

wind both yarns together to form one ball…but I do NOT recomend that…i’ve had bad bad bad things happen…but then I forget, and do it , and remember I shouldn’t

The other is make a ball of yarn with half of 1 skein, and then when you think you’ve gotten 1/2 way, break the yarn and make another ball.

The last one, some people have success with it, it makes me crazy, but you use the inside yarn and the outside yarn at the same time. It gets too twisty for me…

Was that your ?? :slight_smile:

I have knit and crochet with Caron Simply Soft in the past. And I have a skein or two of black in my yarn stash. (The pattern on the ball band is a crochet pattern, though.) I wanted to answer your question. So I took my size 8 needles and knit a basic st st swatch for an inch. Then I added a second strand to it and knit for an inch and then I removed a strand and knit with size 10 needles single stranded for an inch. These are the results:

The single strand on size 8 needles was a pretty solid piece of knitting.
Adding a second strand while staying on size 8 needles made the material a lot thicker and wider (fewer stitches per inch) with less drape to it. {and yes, I have used one skein and both ends of that skein to knit two strands together before, but it can get tricky if you get to a knot}
And the single strand on size 10 needles made a material that was lighter with bigger holes (so it is airier or lacier looking) and also has fewer stitches per inch that the single strand on the size 8 needles, it also has a more fluid drape.

So knit a swatch for yourself and see which looks and feels better to you. If you are wearing that shawl on the beach in Southern California, you might want to use a single strand and decide which needle is good enough to get the specified gauge. If you are wearing the shawl for warmth in more northern states during winter/fall, then you might want more bulk and use two strands. But you will need to use larger needles to achieve the correct gauge if you use a single strand.

Hope that helps.
Happy knitting!

If you’re making a blanket, you’re going to need more than one skein, anyway, so you could take a strand from two different ones and use them together if you’re do it like the pattern calls for. I agree with noejust - knit up samples and see which you like better.


Thanks for all your help ladies :muah:

The pattern says to hold 2 strands of the same color tog. So I am guessing they say that to make it heavier since its a blanket.

I said how many total yards I needed and one skein of each color was all I needed.

Its for out new baby, but I don’t think the pattern is for a ‘baby’. So maybe just holding one strand will work out fine even if that means a smaller blanket :??

Does it give a finished size? And yes, using just one strand should work well enough.


OK I went upstairs and got the pattern :teehee:

Its a photo copy and I don’t remember the name of the book I got it from (returned it to the library months ago)

But here is what it says:

Knitted measurements:
approx. 38" square

approx 388 yards of blue, yellow, red, green

approx. 291 yards of white

Notes: Work with 2 strands of yard held tog throughout (but doesn’t specify the same color so hence my confusion). The afghan is made in 4 squares then sewn tog for one large square. There are 110 rows (11 stripes) in each square.

Worked in garter st. work 10 rows of each color.

With 2 strands cast on 117 sts. K 1 row
next row k57, k3tog, k 57 -115 sts k 1 row
next row k56, k3tog, k 56 - 113 sts k1row

cont in this way to dec 2 sts at center every other row until 13 sts rem. Cont to dec. 2 sts at center of every row until 1 st rem.

There are 110 rows in total. Fasten off. make 4 total.

So lessee… your squares are approximately 56 sts across, so about 12x12" depending on your gauge. That would put your finished size at about 24 inches square. A little bit smaller than the original, but you could cast on more stitches. To know how many, figure your gauge sts/inch and multiply times 18 or 19 (half the size it would be). Then double however many stitches and add one. That’s your CO number.

Ya know, if this is supposed to be knit double stranded on size 8s with worsted weight yarn, that’s a really dense fabric. I wouldn’t think it would be soft and cuddly at all. I’d certainly make it with one strand and on size 10 or 10.5 needles. But that’s me - I like looser stitches rather than tighter ones.


Thanks Sue!

I think I will just wing it I guess :teehee:

I really like the ‘pattern’ is why I kept it. And I have wanted to try mitered squares. I just didn’t think it would confuse me this much :roflhard:

I think I will try it with just one strand. I suppose I can do one square, if it doesn’t turn out very well I can always turn that square into a pillow or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Well there ya go!

I’m always tweaking patterns because I want to combine elements from two different ones, or want to use larger needles than recommended. And for those who only use 8s to knit worsted weight with it may seem like heresy, but yes, I use 10.5s or larger and the knitting isn’t too loose.