Adhesive for Knitting?

I just finished making a few coffee cozies and well, they sure are slick. They tend to slide up and down on my paper tea cups as well as my porcelain cups at home.

Is there an adhesive or sticky material that I can use to keep them in place? I’m just terrified that I might sacrifice safety for lookin’ super cute! haha! :wink:

Any advice is appreciated!

If Aleene’s still makes it, Tack It Over and Over Again really does work. A quick swipe of glue stick after you wash a cup cozy will usually keep it just sticky enough, too.
The other option is to tack a couple of small strips of rug gripper inside.

A friend of mine used to put puff paint on the bottom of her kids socks to keep them from sliding around. Totally washable and you could try to blend in with the colors of your yarns.

Puff paint may work for a coffee cozy. I found for slippers or socks that it requires something that is meant for non skid because the puff paint doesn’t stay grippy. I use this for socks/slippers.

Thanks, and duh I did forget to post the pattern. Will do next time.