Adding yarn to scarf

Hi there,

This is my first time knitting and I am working on a scarf. I am using the basic knit stitch and just finished one ball of yarn. I already cast off, but need to make the scarf longer.

How do I add an additional ball of yarn to continue knitting after casting off? Did I make a mistake and possibly have to undo my cast off to add the new ball of yarn and continue knitting? Or is there a way around this so I don’t have to undo it?

Help! Thanks :aww:

You could undo the cast off one stitch at a time, picking up the sts as you undo the cast off. Or you could pick up the same number of sts along the cast off edge using yarn from the new ball. For me the neatest solution is to undo the cast off but it’s up to you. Perhaps either way you learn something new: undoing the cast off or picking up sts. There’s a video under the Free Videos tab to help with picking up sts if you’d like to see it.

It may be easier to undo the cast off, just find the end and pull out the sts one by one as you put a needle through them. Helps to use a smaller needle than you knit it with if you have it, though you don’t need to.

I agree with suzeeq and salmonmac about the undoing of the cast off, but they did not explain how to add yarn to continue knitting.

You have several choices here for adding yarn, if you add yarn at the beginning of the row by just starting to knit with the new ball of yarn, and then you can either work the tail in while knitting or weave the tail in later. Another way is the braided join, that leaves no ends to work in. I hope this helps you.