Adding to a finished scarf

Recently, I knitted a scarf and finished it.

Now, I have found out this scarf is not long enough.

How do a add onto said scarf?

If you still have the same yarn I think it would be best to undo the finishing and take out the bind off. If you put an end border on it take that out too and then put the live stitch loops back on the needle and start knitting like you were. Refinish as you did before when you get it as long as you want it.

You could use a crochet hook and pull the yarn through every stitch of the last row and putting the loops on a knitting needle, then continue knitting, if you don’t mind a small line showing…

Could you just add long tassels? That can add up to 6 or so inches.

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey all,
Samarislowe -I recently added another ball of yarn to an already finished scarf, not because it wasnt long enough but because I just liked the wool I was using!!! I undid the bind off (quite difficult as the old wool was going ‘piley/felty’ and was kind of meshing together, and I knotted the end stitch to secure it!). I then put the loops (knit stitch) from the end stitches on the needle (my wooden Brittany size 19’s) and then continued with the new ball of wool on the end of the cast on end. My scarf was pretty basic in its stitch formation/pattern, but I’m glad I took the time to undo the cast off etc, it looks really good and feels warmer now. I would recommend if you want to extend the scarf you have, and it wont affect the specific pattern you were working on (e.g. borders etc), then do it! I feel longer scarfs are generally better so that you can double wrap the scarf. My scarf length is taller than I am standing! But if I double wrap it, its level with the end of my top!