adding stitches (with getting a hole!) after joining ear flaps?

I’m knitting a hat where we are asked to pick up the stitches from an ear flap and then cast on additional stitches.
Regardless of what cast on method I try, I still get a small hole on the left hand corner where the ear flap joins the work. Does anyone have a solution for this, or can you tell me what I might be doing wrong?
Thank you!

Can you post a photo of what you’re getting? Use the up arrow at the top of the Reply box to upload photos. Also, which pattern are you making? Can you give us a pattern name or link?

Sometimes, if I know I’ll get a hole at a heel gusset or under sweater arms, I pick up an additional stitch and then k2tog on the next row.

Thank you for your interest. The pattern is for a Fair Isle cap for babies and toddlers from Tot Toppers.The ear flaps are knit separately. Stitches are cast on a circular needle, and the ear flap is knit onto this needle, and more stitches cast on to the next ear flap. Its when I cast on these stitches, that the hole appears. I’ve tried increasing into the last stitch on the flap, then casting on, and it does make it slightly better, but still not neat enough.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

It’s really not very noticeable and it may even close up when you wash the cap.

The one thing you might try is increasing the stitch count somewhere in the middle of the last row of the ear flap rather than on the last stitch. Then k2tog at this end on the row with the cast on.

Your knitting looks so lovely and even.

That worked!! Thank you so much Salmonmac for saving what was left of my patience, not to mention sanity for this expensive pattern!

Terrific! Thanks for letting us know.