adding stitches at the end

I just started knitting and my pattern says to add one stitch at the end of the row… all the videos I’m watching about doing this add the stitches at the begining!!! they add stitches once they have turned the work… ! is this adding stitches at the end of the row? for me it looks like adding stitches at the begining… shall I just do this?


If I have to add a stitch at the end of a row I use the method of knitting front and back of the last stitch (k1f&b)

wow! thankyou trisha…!! this one looks much more like the idea I had…
sorry… I’m in a purl row…
shall I do the same but first back and then front? (i dont know if this exists)
or shall I just do the same as in the video…?

Hi dulce

The way you do it for purl is fairly easy. Begin by making your normal purl stitch through the front buy do not tske it off the needle, take the needle and insert it under the back of the original stitch and purl bring the stitch off the needle . There are do many you tube instructions which you use to see what i explained because I am sure i confused you and it id easier to visualize it.just google “how to increase at the beginning of a purl row and you will see pfb”

If you go to the forums knitting video index under increasing you will find a video there that will explain it. Hope this helps.

Trisha…thankyou so much!! Im working now with that tecnique… just by reading what you wrote and it works!!! I havent had the time to watch more videos (two babies, husband ,house !! Hehe) but im now doing nice new stitches on my work… ifind difficult to catch the loop to purl the first stitch ( i knit continental?) But im using a crochet hook and is perfect!!! THANKS

I am so glad i could help! Sounds like you have a full plate. How old are thr babies? My youngest is 45 :grinning:

I’m wondering how many times you need to add sts at the end of the row (yes, the way this works is to add multiple sts at the beginning of the row).
Which pattern are you following? Can you give us a pattern name or link?

Why would it make a difference how many times you need to add st the beginning of a row? Curious

If it’s one stitch one time, an increase like kfb will work just fine. If you have to increase one stitch on successive rows, you may want a thumb loop instead at the very edge…
I’m wondering what the context of the increase is.

So am I because I have always used this type of increase even when there was repetitive rows that needed an increase and never had a problem but if there is a better way of doing it I am willing to give it a try. Learn something new every day

Usually you get a row in between increases but that’s partly why I’m interested in the specific pattern. It may be a matter of personal preference too.

Yes you are right it could make a difference

I need to start again because I didn’t understood the partern and I was just increasing in one side!! grrr…

So the pattern says

Change to 4mm needles and beg with a K row work in st st inc 1 st at each end of next and every foll 4th row to 51 sts

Im making the sleeves…

I’m gonna try again with kfb again but this time at the beg and at the end of the row… is that right?

salmonmac… is the type of increase you are talking about is called “thumb loop increase”? I’m trying to find a video to learn a bit more… It is very helpfull having all those videos and tutorials online…but for me it is often tooo much information and I always get lost…

trisha :slight_smile: My daughter is nearly 3 yrs old and my boy nearly one year old… I’m knitting my first project ever and it is for my daughters birthday present… it is a sweater…; (she asked me to knit knickers with the same wool … so it will match her new sweater!! hehe… I will try to do it as well…)

Sorry to hear that you have to start over. Yes you would work the kfb on both the beginning and the end of the row. Let me know if you find the thumb loop increase easier, I personally always find that the stitch comes out too loose, but everyone has their preference. Well good luck on your project, please post a picture when it is finished.:thumbsup:

Cute pattern. I agree, a kfb at each end. I like to work these increases one or even two sts in from the ends. It gives you a nicer edge to seam.