Adding ribbon to baby blanket?

:teehee: hi

I’m due in March and i just finished my second baby blanket. i was wondering if i can add something like a ribbon to knitted blanket and if so does anyone has a link to a patter ? i might use for some ideas also do i glue it insert it ? I’ve been into knitting but i do it like every three months so sorry if anyone thinks this is a stupit question.

You could do this one and then just weave a ribbon through the eyelets!

Easy baby blanket

you can also make a wide ribboned edge by getting a Wide silkish ribbon, and pinning it along the edge (with the blanket streached a tiny bit) when you get to the cornerfold it down, and make the outside seam a line from the inner corner to the outer one
and a basic zigzag stitch holds it in place really well
I used to make wubby blankets
satin on one side, Flanel of the other

more than you asked for, but someting else fun to make


i’m putting ribbon in a blanket right now. the ribbon and knitting lay nicely sometimes, but other times they want to bunch up in randopm places. any tips for keeping everything looking nice?