Adding ribbon to a hat

I recently got back into knitting because of the need to supply gifts for baby showers. So I decided to learn to knit baby hats. I have knit several hats now, and have been trying to find an attractive way to add satin ribbon to the hats, rather than using yarn ties. On a couple of the hats, I just sewed (on the sewing machine) the ribbon to the hats. It looked ok, but I was wondering if any of you had a method that would look finished and pretty. I have some very narrow ribbon for a newborn’s hat and am waiting to see what all you have to say before I attach it. Thanks for any help.

You could try a patter like this one, which creates simple eyelets for you to weave the ribbon through once finished. I’ve tried this pattern in the past and it has turned out really cute!

I made one with eyelets and threaded a tie through it. Just knit the bottom and then do a YO k2tog around row then knit normally.

It’s important to remember though that ribbon is not stretchy at all where i-cord is. A hat with ribbon therefore won’t stretch to fit like most hats do. As an option you could just do a couple eyelets on the front and put a ribbon bow on the front of the hat instead of all the way around.

I took a chemo cap and just added YO’s to make eyelets to weave ribbon into the brim (so that it doesn’t restrict the stretchiness of the cap or cause rubbing on their scalps) and it dressed up the cap quite a bit. I am hoping that it makes just one person smile while going through that vile treatment.

I have recently wanted to know how to add ribbon to hats and this was what I was looking for. Thanks for the post!