Adding more after casting off

I was just wondering, is there a way to add more after you’ve casted off?

I finished a scarf, casted off… but then looked at it and thought, it really could have been a little longer. I guess I got in a hurry to be done.

Can I just pick up the loops and add more, or not?

Yes, you can either pick up stitches on the end, or unravel your BO row and keep knitting.


Oh, yeah, I meant bind off. LOL.

So can I just pull any loop out and knit it, as long as I have the same number as I started with? I am not sure which were the original loops.

it’s also called casting off!! so you were right!

i think picking up stitches would be easier than undoing your bind off. there’s a video for picking up stitches here just as long as you pick up the same amount you had originally it should work great.

I think undoing the bind off would look nicer? Otherwise the two ends may look different? But that’s just my opinion. :shrug:

That is true. it may look a little odd picking up stitches and continuing from a bound off edge. You could also put your needle in a destination row and undo a row or two. there’s a video on that on this site too!