Adding Letters

I want to add a name onto a scarf I’m making for a friend and I’m not sure how to go about doing that. I am just knitting the scarf in one color and adding on the letters after I’m done (I’m not good enough to knit them into the scarf yet). I can either crochet the letters or I have pieces of fabric that I can use. Should I sew them on? Glue? Another method I don’t know? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

If you want to try to glue fabric letters onto the scarf that could make the scarf stiff, depending on how far the letters go up. You could try Swiss Darning/Duplicate Stitch here are some web sites with instructions:

If you decided to stretch your skills Intarsia is a nice method for adding letters. However, neither method is reversible.


You could take a yarn needle threaded with long piece in a contrasting color, then come up from the wrong side at the bottom of a knit stitch, then follow that stitch and adjacent ones (duplicating what’s already been knitted). I believe this is called a duplicate stitch and it makes your contrasting yarn stand out a bit.

I concur that duplicate stitch would probably look best.