Adding Length to finished garment?

I have a FO sweater that is being highly coveted by my husband. It was originally knit for my son, who’s —well, okay with it…but… And that’s okay with me.

I pulled the sweater over my husband’s head, and voila, ya know, it looks pretty good on him. Except it needs to be longer. I have plenty of yarn to make this happen.

It was knit bottom up, in the round, with a 2x2 rib to start with. Any experts out there? Can this be done?

Yes, it can be done. There are better advisors than me though.
Maybe Suzeeq or another Mod will weigh in on the subject with links and so forth.

But, here is what I did to lengthen a poncho for myself.

I picked up stitches along the bottom edge, and knit down from there. Of course, everything was st st, not ribbing.

Is there a possibility that you could simply add to the ribbing for the extra length?

If not, you could take out the ribbing, pick up the live stitches, and knit down from there in pattern, then finish off with ribbing.

Some would recommend running a safety line along/through/into the st st row just above the ribbing before ripping out/tearing down the existing ribbing.

Anyone else care to add to this? I’m sure there are other ideas!

You are SO lucky! I just found thisexcellent tutorial yesterday and when I saw your post, I went looking for it! She writes a good technical knitting blog.

Thanks for your link GJ!! :thumbsup: I will save it for future reference, too!
“It takes a village…”

Very good info at that link.

I’ve cut and removed portions to both lengthen and shorten and it’s quite easy. Just take your time. Being you have plenty of yarn, no need to concern yourself with salvaging the piece you’ve cut off or needing to graft. By working down, you can now have the hubby try it on, if nec, and adjust your length as you work. And you may find you’ll want to use a BO that is nicer than your orig CO.


I think it would be easier to cut out the CO, unravel the ribbing and knit the extra length, then rib and BO than it would be to graft a new piece in there. Less ends to work in, for one thing…

That Techknitting blog is awesome, isn’t it? I reference it all the time.

But, here’s another tutorial I came across just yesterday… just FYI…

Thanks Gina, you rock! It is a very good blog with fabulous graphics.
Hopefully, I can get to it this weekend.

"Hugs, kisses and no dropped stiches"