Adding decorative trim to pants

Hi everyone! I am very short and have a pair of black pants that are technically capris but come to just about my ankle and I would like them to be a couple of inches longer to be regular pants for me. Is there an easy way to add a trim to the pants so that they will look good? Originally I was going to hem them further and make them capris but now that the weather is getting cooler I would love to wear them now. There is about another inch folded up for the original hem that I could take out. Do you recommend doing knitted lacework or a crocheted trim or sewing a lace edging on it or will it look bad no matter what? How would I attach it, just sew or handstitch? Thanks for any ideas!

Unless backed by fabric, I would think that a knitted or crocheted edging longer than 1/2" to 1" would tend to look limp or hang funny. As the bottom of pants, it’s also likely to catch on things and get snagged if it’s at all long.

If you add fabric to lengthen the pant, it’s very important that you keep the same taper as the leg or the added fabric will pull or hang oddly. The exception to the same taper would be if someone were making boot leg or bell bottoms.

If you are after fun, funky and unique, it could be worth the effort. Otherwise, a new pair of pants or a pair from the thriftstore that are the length you want might be a wiser use of time and materials.

Mama Bear