Adding crochet?

I love to knit but I also like to add crochet to my knitting as edging, say…
Lately I just added crochet to the edge of the neck of a cardigan to give it more sturdiness.
I’m sure there are a lot of crocheters here… do you knit as well?
Do you like to mix the two crafts?

I crocheted for years before taking up knitting last summer. I have only used crocheted edging on a knit item twice, I think. The combination is IMO great. I expect that in days to come I’ll combine the two more.

I saw your sweater and love it, love it, love it! A great example of why knitters might want to learn to crochet and crocheters might want to learn to knit.

Yes yes yes! I love to do both separately but sometimes combining the two is a great thing. I have finished up lots of knit baby blankets with a crocheted edge and crocheting an edge around a knit vest is a great way to stabilize the edges.


Ha! I’m such a long-time crocheter that I automatically default to fixing my knitting problems via crochet rather than finding a knitting solution! For example, when I was making animal hats, I tried knitting the circles for the eyes and found that to be a royal pain. Instead, I switched over to crochet and had circles in a matter of minutes.

I love crochet and think that knitters sometimes under-rate it, or even worse, relegate it to non-wearable items.

So far, I’ve used crochet for lace edgings, seams, reinforcements, as well as edgings that were only meant to straighten out a wonky looking cast on.

I also did one (just one) leg warmer that has knitted bands around the top and bottom and a crocheted design in between. If I ever get the other one finished, I’ll post a picture (but don’t hold your breath as these were for practical use–and obviously they’re not really necessary these days).

I agree with others–knowing crochet (as well as tatting, hairpin lace, broomstick lace, Tunisian crochet, etc.) just gives you more options and fun things to incorporate into finished objects. What’s not to like?

Foundation single crochet makes a beautiful cast-on edge that looks like an added braid. It takes a little experimentation to see what size hook you need to produce a loopy edge suitable for the needles you’ll use, but once you get it, it’s really nice. (On the bind-off, you can always just single crochet into all the loops and it looks almost the same.)

Cool idea! I never thought about it and probably never would have. I learned how to do foundation single crochet and fdc and have rarely chained since. It makes a much nicer edge for crochet work and is easier to deal with. I’ve got to try this with knitting! I just learned a provisional crochet cast on and so it’s easy for me to see how it would work.

Do you bind off normally and then add the row of crochet or do you somehow bind off with crochet?

Ewww! YUCK! I hate fsc and fdc with a passion. I can’t ever get them to work right.

I’ll stick with adding a crocheted edging to knits.

I’m new to knitting.

I’m working on my first ever Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater. I got up to the armpits, split my work and started working up, in knit, and something was very, very wrong. I pulled it all out, went to my LYS and (tried to) explain what went wrong.

She assumed it was my purling and told me to just make a stockinette scarf. I did about a foot in the scarf brought it in and she’s like “Oh.” I knit backwards and purl correctly, so my stitches were twisted. She taught me to knit correctly but, since my in the round gauge and my stockinette gauge were vastly different, she suggested crocheting the neck. I have about 6 inches so far and it looks great.

I’ll post a picture when I (eventually) finish it.

Sorry to hear you had some difficulties, but, in spite of your setbacks, it sounds like you’re going to have a gorgeous sweater when you get done.

Please do post a picture or two. I’d love to see how you did this! It certainly sounds intriguing!!