Adding crochet to knitting


I have almost finished knitting my first sweater but am stuck at the final hurdle! The last part of the pattern sats that i need to work dc around the opening and make some button loops.

I have never done any crochet before and don’t know how to join it to my knitting. Can anyone help or give me a link to a site that explains this?

Emma :slight_smile:

Here is the link to a video and instructions at Annie’s Attic. Instead of working into a chain, or previous row of crochet, you would simply crochet into the knitted stitches or ends of the rows.
The advantage of crocheting is that you don’t need to attach it or join it really in the same way you would with knitting. Depending on the construction of your sweater, you may be able to start the border right where you last bound off, and not have to worry about joining a new strand. If you have any questions or whatnot, just holler!!!