Adding buttons to a vest

So I have finished knitting a vest. The pattern calls for a zipper. I don’t want to use the zipper. What is the easiet way to add buttons to my finished vest??

You could crochet chain loops wherever you want buttonholes, and then sew the buttons accordingly.

Or you could crochet around the entire neck, front edge and do chain sts on the right front to form loops for the corresponding buttons. This technique allows the loop to lie flatter against the front edge (virtually parallel) rather than the chain loop Braden referred to that extends out perpendicularly.


Not the best pic but this is example of method I mentioned. The front edges on both sides were crocheted but chain sts (just enough to fit over the button) were worked on the right corresponding with the button positions.

BTW, if the buttons will be stressed from use, make sure to apply backer buttons to avoid the strain on the fabric.


I was hoping to get some knitting instructions on how to add on buttons. Any other sugestions?

Maybe you could add a few rows of ribbing to each side – about 1" or so – and include button holes in that?

If the orig garment was intended to have a zipper there’s perhaps no allowance for additional width you’d get by adding ribbing. (The fronts will get wider.) As Spokaloo mentioned you could add the ribbing…incorporate the buttonholes on the appropriate side. You’ll also need to pick up for the ribbing along the neckline so that’ll narrow that area. If it’s a baby’s vest the rib could be very narrow with eyelet buttonholes and the fit is less specific.

It’d be helpful if you could post a link or provide a pic of the garment so we have a better of idea of what to suggest. Incorporating buttons/buttonholes is normally factored in before the project is worked to allow for the width of ribbing, etc. You could do afterthought buttonholes but not sure you want to go that route.


Thanks, I actually like the idea of adding the ribbing. My dad is kind of thick around the middle:) anyway. so do you just sew on the buttons the button side?? like you would do a shirt???

so do you just sew on the buttons the button side?? like you would do a shirt???

No. Knitted fabric is not the same as woven. Check out this existing thread

How to sew on buttons?