Adding an elastic waistband to my knitting

I am making a skirt that calls for elastic to be either knitted in as I go or sewn in at the end. I can’t figure out how to knit it in without it showing - and so I am wondering if I should just run it under stitches at the end? Also, any suggestions for the kind of elastic? Thanks for ANY help!

I haven’t done this, but my first thought was to knit a waistband and then insert the elastic–the way you would with a skirt. In this case, though, you’d knit an extra inch or so at the top, fold it over and sew it down.

Thanks Ingrid! I thought initially that that was what the pattern said to do… but you knit a 4 inch rib at the waist (with holes for a ribbon to go thu) but it also says to sew in 4 rows of knitting elastic, 4 rows apart. I bought something that I am going to try out but just thought there might be some words of wisdom out there!!! I’ll keep you posted!

Thread the elastic into a large sewing needle and run it through the knit stitches on the inside side of the ribbing. To keep it as inconspicuous as possible on the inside, and to keep it from showing through on the outside when stretched, match the color of the elastic as closely as possible to the color of the yarn.

This is also a sneaky way of tightening up a neckline or cuffs that are a bit too loose.

Thank you! That is exactly what I am going to do!