Adding a star design to a pattern


I am a fairly new knitter. I picked it up in 2011 and I’ve knitted scarves, socks, cowls, mittens, and hats but never a sweater. For my first attempt I picked this pattern:

My sister requested it. She is a big time skier and asked me to knit her a sky blue sweater with a big white “snowflake” in the middle. I found a snowflake pattern and would like to know if it would work with this pattern? Here is the snowflake design I found:

Is it difficult to add a design to a pattern? Any tips would be appreciated!

Thank you! :slight_smile:


You will have to count out the stitches in the rows horizontally and vertically to see how it will center and how large it will be. This snowflake would be done stranded or better known as fair isle.

For a new knitter it’s fairly complicated. You might be better off looking for a pattern that already has a similar design like these.

Thank you Jan for the advice! The patterns from your link are beautiful! I may have to knit one from the many on your link’s page! Now the hard part . . . choosing the one to knit! :slight_smile: