Adding a contrast color

How do I add a contrast color to my project? Is there a video showing how to do this?
Do I just lay the new color next to the other color and knit one row using both?

Where do you want the contrast color to be? Edge of collar, pocket, front edge of cardi? More info would be helpful.


I’m making a hat and would like to add a contrasting color for a few inches.

A few inches (or rows)? Is it knit bottom up or top down? You want the CC near the face rather than the crown?

Assuming the latter, and it’s knit bottom up, start with the CC. Work for however many rows/inches, and then drop the CC, start working with the MC. No need to work with both colors tog as that’ll alter the gauge of that row and the color change won’t be clearly defined.

ETA: check out the Patterns tab at the top, look at the Hats patterns. (‘Rolled brim’ has a contrast stripe.)